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10 Pictures Shows How Tractor Rally Defame the Whole India on Republic Day

That’s what we were afraid of, Tractor rally became a shame for the nation. The Agitator started breaking police barricades, stone pelting on Delhi police, they did not follow the decided route and hosted their flag at Red Fort.

This is not what the whole nation expects on this 72 Republic day. Police permitted them for the peaceful protest but they were fully planned with stones, sticks, and tractors to defame the nation on this auspicious occasion. By seeing the situation out of control police triggered the tear gas and beaten the Agitators.

See these 10 Pictures that Shows the Tractor Rally was funded and planned to threaten the Government that became shame for the nation:

1. Hosted Nishan Sahib and Party Flag in place of National Flag

Tractor Rally

2. Helpless Policeman, Farmers Breaking Barricades

Tractor Rally

3. Injured Police man

Injured Police man in Tractor Rally

4. Sikhs with Weapons

Delhi Tractor Rally with weapon

5. Trying to Killing Police Person

6. Public Property destroying

7. Peaceful Protest?



10. Attacking female officers

Is that what they want to show the whole world on National Day. Shameful.