Tattoos are a huge decision to make and follow through on since they are a permanent representation of the version of yourself you want to convey. Especially for those of us who have more odd preferences in visual art and may want some inspiration to strike a balance between trying new things and going with a safe decision that will not be regretted in a few years.

    The significance of selecting a design becomes clear. Our collection of charming and quirky back tattoos for women provides just that, offering you a variety of options to try out or take inspiration from.


    A deep and meaningful tattoo to keep those special days and memories close, dates will keep close what is dearest to you. Try out different date formats for a more unique look.

    Gothic Themes

    If you’re someone who like to add a bit of an edge to their overall look, try this hanging spider look for a truly gothic look. It is scary whilst being delicate and feminine, perfect to make you a Harley Quinn in a world of Barbies.

    Dandelion Wishes

    Try this fantastical design that give flight to all the wishes you’ve made. It can be just the right amount of fancy to add to your regular look.


    Calligraphy is one of the most beautiful and delicate back of neck tattoos preferred by women. Keep the font cursive for an ultra-feminine look that can be shown off with a high ponytail and hidden away for a professional setting.

    Golden Arrows

    Take a break from the black and try some a bit of the golden. This triple arrow design is the perfect delicate design that gives you wholesome hipster vibes. You can even get temporary designs to get a feel for it before you decide to get a more permanent one.


    This design incorporates feminine themes like butterflies into a larger design that will truly capture your feminine side while still making you stand apart. Place it along your back to complement your hairstyle.

    The World

    They say the world is in your hands, but for those with the travel bug, having this delicate design tattooed on their back is a lovely way to keep your travel designs close. It can be your talisman in between trips.

    Asymmetric Minimalist Designs

    If you’d like a simple design that makes an impression, try this asymmetric design that gives you an edgy and Amazonian look. The clean lines that follow your own lines mimic that of body armor, like that of Wonder Woman’s Armor.

    Delicate Spine Tattoo

    A design that makes the most of its positioning can elevate your tattoo considerably. A delicate spine tattoo that runs the entire length such as this is one such design. It is truly a top contender for best back tattoos women love.

    Abstract Faces

    Try this beautiful spine tattoo design that has hidden faces in it. It is guaranteed to bring the wow factor.

    We all have a quirky and curious side that yearns to explore the path less travelled. If you want to try one out, check out our collection of unusual back tattoos women everywhere will love. Check to see if any of them match your personality you can add them to your overall picture for a unique look.