11 Best Moments From Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ That Make you Fallen in Love With Series

If you were waiting for the Binge-watch since long then your wait is over, Never Have I Ever is the best web series of Netflix Right now. The show tells the story of a Highschool teenage Indian Girl named Devi who raised in America. In the very first episode, Devi represented by dealing with the recent death of her father. 

Devi Never Have I Ever Series

Never Have I Ever having an extremely diverse cast, more than any of the other comedy shows till now. Whether it’s about Devi’s two best friends Fabiola and Eleanor to her crush, the half-Japanese Paxton Hall-Yoshida or her enemy cum best friend Ben whom she kissed in last have their colors and qualities. 

Netflix's Never Have I Ever


It’s a great series written by Mindy Kaling, A young Indian American girl trying to balancing the two cultures with her teenage problems. Curiosity, romance, desires, culture, family, friends, and most important the life of present day’s teenagers – The series has everything. 

I realized the life of teenagers is more than from our imaginations. These days they want to pop up their social status and identity at a very young age. Whether it is sex or Drinks, they explore everything that many of us did in their 27s. The show addressing the issues that every teenager has faced once in their life, no matter where they were born or raised. It’s just a difference of cultures from inner we all hold the same feelings. 

Balancing the grief of father’s death, social and personal life Devi is the voice of every teenager’s unspoken opinions. Here we compiled some of the best scenes that have stayed with us even after the season finale:

  • Some of us criticized our Culture but internally we want to stay connected instead of being embarrassed about it. The more you run, the more you miss your roots.  Never Have I Ever Series
  • Devi’s mom Nalini, reveling the bitter truth about what is expected out of a sanskari Indian Girl before she gets married is something that our society needs to reflect on.Devi Mom Never Have I Ever
  • A cultural shock that Deavy’s Cousin Kamla faced Funny Moment Never Have I Ever
  • Think before commenting about a Girl’s facial or body hair, you can get a kickass reply this time. Deavy did the sameBest Moment Series Never Have I Ever
  • When Fabiola’s mother reacted normally and comfortable about knowing her sexualityNever Have I EVer Netflix
  • When Devi Played her instrument again after the death of her father. Remembering him she got all the strengthDeavy Never Have I Ever
  • Sometimes we feel embarrassed in doing traditional activities but this is something that other people want to do. Especially Indian culture and outfits. Devi did not expect such comment from her crush:Best Scene Never Have I Ever
  • It hurts when your loved ones not with you when it’s your special day. Ben faced the same situation on his birthday when his parents suddenly left him without cutting his cake.Ben Never Have I ever
  • When you come out to the closet about your sexuality and get a tight hug from your best friend that Fabiola get from ElenorGay Scene Never Have I Ever
  • You want a partner desperately but denied to kiss someone who fallen for you. Ben tried to Kiss Devi at his birthday party
  • Devi’s Mom Nalini want to sell her late husband’s scooter but changed her mind when recalling old memories and herself went on a long driveNever Have I Ever Season 1

Must watch teenage comedy so far. IMDb Rating 8.1/10

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