The central government has taken a big decision. The government has decided to ban 118 mobile apps including PUBG. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has decided to ban these mobile apps under Section 69A. The ministry has taken this decision to ban after receiving many complaints. In a statement issued by the government on Wednesday evening, it has been said that these apps were a threat to national security.

    In a statement issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, these mobile apps were a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defense of India, security of the state and public order. The ministry said that many such complaints were received, stating that there are many mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms that steal users’ information.

    Complete List of 118 Chinese App Banned in India

    The ministry said that these apps are sending information and data stolen from outside India by unauthorized ways. These apps are stealing users’ data and making it illegal to reach their servers outside India. Theft of these data is a threat to India’s integrity, sovereignty and security. The government said that data theft is a matter of concern and emergency steps need to be taken for this.

    This time the central government has banned mobile apps such as Live, WeChat Work and WeChat Reading, Applock, Carrom Friends, besides PUBG. This step of India is being considered tough as tension in Ladakh increases again with China.