The ruckus that began with the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not taking the name of the end. In North East Delhi, the situation has become so bad that curfew has been imposed at 4 places. In North East Delhi, the police has issued an order to shoot the miscreants. Let us know that the violence in the name of Citizenship Amendment Act in North East Delhi has taken a fierce form. Since yesterday (Monday), incidents of sabotage and arson have come to light.

    So far 13 people have lost their lives in the violence in North East Delhi. The name of the martyr head constable Ratanlal is also included in this. While 56 policemen including 2 IPS officers are injured. Around 200 people have been injured in incidents of violence. The situation is tense in North East Delhi, a large number of police forces are deployed in the area. Please tell that today (Tuesday) the miscreants set many motorcycles on fire.