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32 Year Old Men Got a Look of 81 Year Old Caught at Delhi Airport : Going to New York

Gujarat Resident wants to go to New York to change his life but not getting visa so use this method. 

The CISF staff at Delhi airport get shocked when they found a 32 year old men in look of 81 year old came on wheelchair. He planned it in such a way that nobody will going recognize him by using 0 number specs and dyed his hair & mustache.
The accused found as Gujarat Resident Jayesh Patel, living in Ahmadabad. He was carrying the passport of 81 year Old Amrik Singh. He planned it in very well manner that was the shock for security staff.
During inquiry he told that he wants to go to the New York to Improve his life but not getting the visa so opt this option. CISF inquired him so long.