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52 Year Old Rikshawala Befriend 3000 Girl & Cheated As IAS

You will be surprised to know what a 52-year-old married rickshawala did in Bareilly. In Bareilly, UP, Javed befriended about 3 thousand girls on social media platform Facebook, calling himself IPS Nurul Hasan and implicated many of them in his love trap.

On Facebook, Javed created a fake ID in the name of IPS Noorul Hasan and soon became several thousand friends on his account. The number of girls was the highest among them. Javed, the rickshaw puller who was caught by the police, said that after friendship on Facebook, a dozen girls from Mumbai to Bareilly sent him marriage proposals and during this time he started talking vulgarly to them.

High school failed javed learnt a little bit english so that any girl could not doubt on him. Javed not only used to chat with many girls on Facebook at one time but also asked for nude photos from them and many girls even sent him such pictures.

When Javed’s mobile phone was discovered by the police, it was revealed that he was currently chatting with 16 girls, in which he was talking obscene talk to many girls, nude photos were also demanded. However, to know his truth, when any women made a video call to him, he did not receive it.

Not only this, Javade’s wife was also aware of this act and in anger she had broken five mobile phones of her husband because she saw the nude picture of many girls in the phone. Even after being the father of a young son, he used to do such an act. Javed used to leave work and always used to chat with girls.

At present, the police have arrested Javed and sent him to jail after presenting him in court. Police has advised people to avoid such fraud.