83 Movie Review: Celebration of First World Cup Victory with Ranveer Singh a Worth Watch


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83 Movie: Summarize

There was a time when no one knows the Indian cricket team. Indian team and Indian players were not recognized until this happened.

Ranveer Singh starrer 83 Movie is the story of the winning of 1983’s prudential world cup whose real hero was the star cricketer Kapil Dev. This Movie of Kabir Khan is not only the story of Kapil Dev but also the story of all 15 members who were part of the team.

The main character of 83 Movie is Kapil Dev, Ranveer Singh playing his role. The Movie’s second strong character is Manager P.R Maan Singh who managed a lot to send the Indian team to England. When there was no money even for purchasing goods P.R Maan Singh was the person who borrowed it and send the team to play the world cup.

Man Singh, who belongs to Hyderabad played Ranji but had come to know (or was told) from the very beginning that he might not go much further, so he came into administration. Pankaj Tripathi is playing the role of P.R Maan Singh.

The 1983 World victory was not that small. This movie shows the struggle of those days. That story that people are unaware of it. The movie shows challenges, struggles and stories in every minute that are neither found in reports nor in front of cameras.

83 Movie Review:

This film shows the stories of the health, clowns, emotional angle, struggles of the players of that time. This makes people understand that under what circumstances our team did a charisma that changed the picture of an entire game.

In today’s time, it is very easy to say that such a player has scored 175 runs in a match. But when you watch this movie you get to know what was the importance of every (reference – Lagaan) run to reach the target.

This movie sets a milestone that tells more about the game and the real struggle behind it. The movie has a lot of information for the people who do not know much about Indian Cricket. But it could be boring for those who already know the history and every single point about it.

At two or more points, there are good surprises in the film on which the audience can applaud. It also shows that how cricket can stop riots even it can stop the war on India-Pakistan border.

One must watch this movie to know the story of those who play on ‘wage’ of 25 pounds per match. Today, this film is a must watch to know the story of the generation who struggled in those days instead of who earn hundreds of crores a year by putting stickers on the bat. A team whose captain was afraid after winning the World Cup, that who will pay the money for the Liqour that his team consuming.

Overall Ranveer Singh beautifully played the role of Kapil dev, His batting style, his accent and bowling action copied really well. A must watch movie to give a tribute for Cricket Legend like Kapil Dev.

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