One such news has come out from Nagpur among Covid pandemic, which has exposed the claims of the system with the example of humanity. A 40 year old man was Agonizing and required treatment ASAP, Seeing his condition an 85 year old man gave his oxygen bed and went home himself. The man who gave his bed to another patient died three days later.

    Narayan Bhaurao Dabhadkar was a volunteer of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. At the age of 85, he had become corona infected. Narayan’s daughter meticulously arranged for a bed at the Indira Gandhi Government Hospital in Nagpur. Narayan’s oxygen level had reached below 60, but he was conscious

    It is being told that Narayan Bhaurao Dabhadkar walked from his ambulance to the hospital. Got a bed, treatment started. At the same time, he saw a 40-year-old man, yearning for a bed and his wife was sobbing. Despite this, they were not able to get beds.

    Seeing the problem of that person, Narayan Dabhadkar told the doctor, ‘I am 85 now, I have lived life, the life of this young man is more important, his children are younger, give my bed to him, I Can’t take a bed. After this Narayan returned to his son-in-law’s house.

    However, when Narayan Dabhadkar was leaving the hospital, the doctors explained to him and told that beds will not be available anymore, your treatment is necessary. Then Narayan called the daughter and explained the situation. He said that I am returning home, the same will be appropriate. He returned home and Narayan’s breath stopped in three days.

    Narayan Dabhadkar was an RSS volunteer who set a unique example of humanity. Public service and patriotism were in his veins. When the opportunity came to introduce him, he did not back down and returned his home with an oxygen bed to a 40-year-old man and lost his life within three days.