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A selection of brilliant board games for movie lovers

Over the years, we have seen some truly memorable movies enter the fore and be adored by us as consumers. Alongside movies, whether it be romantic Hindi releases or American comedy classics, merchandise is released. People can purchase t-shirts, get themselves a copy of the movie on DVD, or even play a board game based on a particular smash hit. In fact, tie-in games have been particularly popular over the years. 

As consumers, we certainly enjoy the odd session or two of games. Board games will always be popular with some people, but then there are an array of smartphone classics people sample also. Gaming has become a popular go-to option for people in need of some entertainment. These days, people enjoy space-themed titles featuring unique apes in the Banana Odyssey slot game, while also tucking into titles such as Clash of Clans and augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go. We shouldn’t forget the array of titles available on console devices, either. This selection of games accompanies the board games people play on a regular basis, too, with many of them being based on a selection of movies from over the years. They’re generally fun to play, too. Below is a look at some of them. 


One of the truly great and lasting classics of American cinema, Jaws and the subsequent follow-up releases which accompany it, will never be forgotten. A truly iconic movie, it now has a board game based on it too. Aimed at audiences over 12, the game involves players taking on a number of different roles from the movie. For instance, one player plays the shark while the rest of the players become the likes of Matt Hooper and Chief Brody as they attempt to stop the shark from wreaking havoc and eating any Amity Island swimmers. It even features surprise shark attacks, too. 

Hollywood’s Reel Schpeel

Hollywood’s Reel Schpeel isn’t based on a movie as such but it’s definitely a release for movie fans. A simple but highly effective game in terms of delivering a great deal of entertainment, players deliver actual lines from a load of movies and then their in-game rivals are tasked with guessing which film it’s from and who starred in it. 

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

(Image via

The Godfather series of movies go down as all-time gangster classics, but fans of the genre have been tucking into The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire, too, a truly excellent game aimed at people over the age of 14 as you aim to take control and see off rival mobster families. You even get briefcases to stash your money in, all with the aim of keeping your illicit earnings under wraps and out of the public eye. You can bribe officials, shake down a variety of businesses, and everything else you saw in the movie. 

Star Wars: Outer Rim

If there is one movie franchise that has had an array of products released off the back it then it’s Star Wars. Some products are certainly better than others too, of course. One that fits the bill in that respect is the board game, Star Wars: Outer Rim. Playing with the likes of Boba Fett or Han Solo – alongside a whole host of other characters – players are tasked with travelling around the board in an attempt to build up as much fame as possible. To do this, you’ll need to complete missions, take on bounties, smuggle a selection of goods, and plenty more. It’s an adventure.

Other board games worth checking out are Scene It?, Mad About Movies, and Die Hard: The Nakatomi Plaza Heist.