Aarya Season 2 Review: Sushmita Sen Nailed it With Energetic Performance

Aarya Season 2 Review

Aarya Season 2 Story:

Aarya Season 2 Shows a mother’s journey battling with the dark world of crime and Criminals. She is struggling to protect herself and her 3 children from unseen enemies.

Aarya is a Crime thriller Web series full of ample twists and turns. The web series directed by Ram Madhvani is a riveting watch. Season 2 starts from where the previous one left off.

Aarya’s (Sushmita Sen) father Zorawar, brother Sangram and Udayveer Shekhawat were imprisoned and a court trial is running for their involvement with the drug mafia.

Aarya left the country after handover the pen drive to ACP Yonis khan but her past not leaving her. The Russians caught her, so Yonis Khan helped Aarya to shift from New Zealand as well.

Now Aarya Season 2 has taken a U-turn with the comeback of Aarya to India. As Yonis khan was unable to prove the involvement of Zorawar and Sangram with Drug Mafias, He asked Aarya to state in court because she was the witness and knows about that Pendrive. Somehow Aarya agrees to come back to India but when she reached the rivalry started again.

Sangram tried to kill her in the guest house and then she reached the court to state but where she gets to know that Sangram’s Girlfriend was pregnant with his baby so she lied and Zorawar and Sangram escaped as the case was dismissed.

This step of Aarya makes ACP Yonis Khan and the Public prosecutor against her. ACP get her security back and the struggle of Aarya started again with her family, that Russians and fulfilling the duty of a Mother.

In this Sangram Died as Zorawar wants to protect Aarya at any cost. Aarya gets to know about the Russian 300Cr Drug consignment that Sangram about to get with the help of cops.

She got a chance to save her family and children again but Udayveer Shekhawat interfering in her life and wants to kill her as well.

Aarya Season 2 Review:

Now it would be interesting to watch how she used to manage all the things again, some new characters, plots and revealing twists like Instead of Zorawar Udayveer is the Real father of Aarya.

Will she kill Udayveer? Will she get her Daughter Back? these all things would be interesting to watch.

Sushmita Sen played a very powerful role in Aarya Season 2 and her character was continuously polished as the season comes to an end.

Now there are chances that Aarya Season 3 will also come as the story ends with the new plot. The Huband of Udayveer’s Daughter Nandini came back to take revenge.

Overall a worth watching Web series with a powerful character and immense acting of Sushmita Sen.

Aarya Season 2 Trailer:


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