After Cancer Treatment Rishi Kapoor Came Back To Mumbai With Wife Neetu

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor went to New York for cancer treatment in September last year. The actor was treated for about 1 year in New York. This time was extremely difficult for Rishi Kapoor. But the actor fought strongly with cancer and won. Last night, Rishi Kapoor returned to India after becoming cancer free. The actor was spotted at Mumbai airport with wife Neetu Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor has returned to India after almost a year. He was eagerly awaiting his return to Mumbai for a long time. They were very much missing their country and home. Rishi Kapoor is very happy after returning to Mumbai, it is seen from his pictures that came out of the airport.

Rishi and Neetu Kapoor posed at the airport smiling paparazzi. Both looked quite happy. Rishi Kapoor appeared in a casual look.

Neetu Kapoor was seen in black top, denim jeans and black shrug. Rishi-Neetu Kapoor has an atmosphere of happiness in her home. On Monday, Riddhima Kapoor gave information on Insta Story that Rishi-Neetu is returning to India.

Rishi Kapoor received a lot of support from family, friends and Bollywood celebs during his illness. Celebs often met actors in New York and took care of their health. Rishi Kapoor’s wife supported himĀ  well in this difficult time. She also went to New York 1 year ago with Rishi Kapoor. She became Rishi Kapoor’s support system at every turn. Meanwhile, she did not come to India even once.

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