Agneepath Scheme Recruitment 2022: Notification, Apply Now, Salary and Eligibility


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What is Agneepath Recruitment Scheme?

Do you know what is the Agneepath scheme? What provisions have been made by the central government in this and how will the entire scheme work. If not, then read this article till end. You will get the whole information about Agneepath Scheme and its Recruitement.

Cabinet committee headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has given green signal to Agneepath scheme. The decision of the CCS meeting presented to the media by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself and the heads of the three wings of the Army including the Defense Secretary. In the press conference the ministry said that “in the next 90 days, the recruitment of Soldiers through Agniveer Scheme will start.”

Agneepath Recruitment Date

Job Name Agniveer Recruitement
Job Details Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force
Indian Army Date 20 June 2022
Indian Navy Date 21 June 2022
Indian Air Force Date 24 June 2022
Country India

Soldiers will be recruited for four years

Adressing the Media, the defense Minister Rajnath Singh said “Today CCS has taken a historic decision in the direction of making the Indian Army the best army in the world.” He called the ‘Agneepath’ scheme a transformative scheme.

Agniveer scheme will bring major changes in the armed forces i.e. Army, Air Force and Navy, due to which the forces will become completely modern and very well equipped. Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs (DMA), Lt Gen Anil Puri presented a presentation of the Agneepath scheme. He said that under the Agneepath scheme, soldiers would be recruited for four years and they would be named ‘Agniveer’.

This year there will be 46 thousand recruitments 

Under the “Agneepath Recruitment Scheme”, the Youngsters will get an opportunity to join the army for a period of four years. Young boys and girls in the age group of 17 and a half years to 24 years will be eligible for this. For this, students from 10th to 12th will be able to apply. It will start within 90 days. This year 46 thousand Agniveers will be recruited. In the first recruitment process, the youth will be given six months training. The time of training will also be covered in four years.

What is retirement package?

Every Agniveer will get 30 thousand months salary in the year of recruitment. Out of this, 70 percent i.e. 24 thousand rupees will be given to him. The remaining 30 percent i.e. nine thousand rupees will be deposited in the Agniveer Corps Fund. The government will also put the same amount in this fund. second year Agniveer’s salary will increase to 33 thousand, 36.5 thousand in the third year and 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. His total savings in four years would be around Rs 5.02 lakh. At the same time, the same amount will be deposited by the government. After job completion He will get this amount along with interest. Which will be around Rs.7 lakh. This amount will be tax free.

Benefits of the Agniveer Scheme

There is also a provision of financial assistance in case of martyrdom or disability during service. If any Agniveer dies during the service of the country, then an amount of more than one crore including service fund will be given along with interest. In addition, the salary of the remaining job will also be given. If a soldier becomes disabled while on duty, then he will be given an amount of up to Rs 44 lakh and the salary for the remaining job will also be given. After four years of service, the youth will be given a service fund package, Which will be Rs 4.7 lakh.

Know the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme in these 10 Points:

1. Recruitment in the army will be for only four years. During these four years he will be known as Agniveer.

2. After four years, the services of the soldiers will be reviewed. After the review, the services of 25 percent Agni Veers will be extended. The remaining 75 percent from them will be retired.

3. A four-year job will also include six months’ training. Agniveer aged between 17.5 years to 21 years will be eligible.

4. Women in the Army and Navy will also get a chance to become Agniveer.

5. Agniveers will get an annual salary package of 4.76 lakhs i.e. around 30 thousand per month. By the fourth year, this package will be 6.92 lakhs. Apart from this, Risk and Hardship Allowance will also be available for areas like Siachen.

6. Pension will not be available after retirement, but a lump sum amount will be given. This amount has been named as Service Fund Package. Under this, an amount of 11.7 lakh will be given after retirement. This service fund package has been made with the contribution of 30 percent of Agniveer’s salary and the same amount of the government. This service fund package will be completely income tax free.

7. If any Abhniveer Veergati is attained during the service, then his family will get the assistance amount of one crore. Along with this, the family will also get the salary for the remaining service of Agniveer.

8. If a person becomes disabled during the service, then he will be given an amount of 44 lakhs and will also get the salary of the remaining service.

9. The special thing will be that now the army regiment will not be recruited according to caste, religion and region, but will be as a countryman. That is, youth of any caste, religion and region can apply for any regiment. In fact, infantry regiments in the army Remains from the time of British such as Sikhs, Jats, Rajputs, Gorkhas, Dogras, Kumaon, Garhwal, Bihar, Naga, Rajputana-Rifles (Rajrif), Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Jackalai), Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (Jackrif) etc. All these regiments by caste, class, religion and are prepared on the basis of the region. The Guards is the only such regiment after independence which was raised on the basis of All India All Class. but now In the Agniveer plan, it is believed that all the regiments of the army will be based on the All India All Class. That is, any youth of the country can apply for any regiment. Since independence, this is being considered as a major defense reform in the defense sector. Is.

10. Under the Agneepath scheme, the first recruitment rally of the Army will be organized within the next 90 days. Under this scheme, 40 thousand Agni Veers will be recruited for the Army in the first year. There will be a recruitment of 3500 Agni Veers for the Air Force and 3000 Agni Veers for the Navy.

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