To Defame Vaccination, ANM Neha Khan Throwing Covid Vaccine Filled Syringes in Dustbin

The case of getting filled syringes of Covid-19 vaccination in the dustbin at Jamalpur UPHC in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has shown the new way of Jihad. On Monday, the UP government has ordered a high-level investigation into the nefarious criminal act of giving the vaccine by putting empty syringes under hatred, malice, and conspiracy by Muslim health worker Neha Khan. The DM of Aligarh told that an FIR has been lodged against ANM and terminating her services.

The evidence found in the preliminary investigation is that Neha Khan did this disgusting act to harm the Government, society and vaccination campaign. She only puts the syringe in people during vaccination and takes it out without giving the dose. She thinks that if people who were being vaccinated were harmed by the corona in the future, then the Indian vaccine would have been questioned. Following this incident, instructions have been given at all places to take precautions against such criminal mentors.

Muslim ANM Neha Khan Throwing Covid Vaccine in Dustbin

ANM Neha Khan and Medical Officer Dr Arfeen have been found guilty in the investigation. The administration has prepared for action. Earlier on Saturday, a case was filed against Dr. Arfin Zehra, the Medical Officer in-charge, and the contracted ANM Neha Khan.

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