Mother and Daughter Caught The Chain Snatcher In Delhi

In Nangloi, Delhi, the bravery of the mother and daughter showed a chain snatcher with stars during the day. Mother-daughter caught the chain snatcher while showing impunity in such a way that the thief could not get rid of the hold despite millions of attempts. The chain snatcher was caught by the bravery of both.

According to Delhi Police, this incident is on 30 August. This entire incident of chain snatching has been recorded in CCTV. It is shown in the video that the mother-daughter are getting off from a rickshaw. As soon as both of them get off the rickshaw, two bike riders reach there. The person sitting behind on the bike snatches the chain from the woman’s neck in one stroke. On this occasion, people get nervous and start screaming. But this woman and her daughter quickly caught the chain snatcher without losing patience.


Meanwhile, another person riding a bike tries to run away from there, but his balance gets spoiled. The bike falls, and the person driving it runs away. Till then both the mother and daughter keep holding the snatcher. The woman’s grip on the chatter was so strong that she could not release her hand despite all the efforts. Meanwhile, another man walking on the road comes to the aid of mother and daughter and breaks down on the snatcher.

During this time, the snatcher who were wearing a helmet tries to run away, but he is not successful. Just then, three to four people get out of a car passing through it and make a shower of kick-bribes on the chatter. The woman’s daughter picks up the chain on the occasion. According to the report, Delhi Police is now going to honor this brave woman. At present, the accused has been handed over to the police. Police are now looking for another partner of Chain Snatcher.

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