15 B-Grade Indian Movies Titles Creates Extreme curiosity About Their Content

In the early days, we got curious each time when we see the posters of B-Grade Movies on the roadside trees Written A on them. The whole teenage days of 90’s kids passed by thinking about their super-naughty titles that increase the curiosity about its content. These B-Grade Indian Movies are still popular in 2020. 

Well, forget About OTT platforms or Bhojpuri cinema, These B-grade movie titles still make you excited about their content;

1. Private Teacher

B Grade Movies

Who else wants to get a class from her

2. Garam Dukaan

B Grade Desi Movies

Seems the perfect Holiday Destination in Winters

3. Kachchi Jawaani

BGrade movies poster

The upgraded version of Kachcha Aam

4. Kahani Nadan Umar ki

Adult Movies list

They want to tell some childhood stories but its poster shows something different

5. Kunwara Paying Guest

B grade movies to watch

So the trend of becoming a paying guest started from here

6. Kaamwali

Indian Movies b class

Which type of Kaam they are talking about

7. Biwi Tumhari Bache Hamare

List of BGrade Movies

Threesome can also be played in that time too

8. Pyaar ki Cheekh

Which kinda love screams like this

9. Ghar Mein Ho Sali To Pura Saal Diwali

Saali aakhir aadhi gharwali hoti hai

10. Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein

Is Diya is the synonym of something that can behold at night

11. Tamboo Mein Bamboo

This shows every man should wear a lungi for a proper shape

12. Meri Dhooti Tera Ghagra

So something can happen between two of us Because “Rishta barabar wale ke sath hei accha lagta hai”

13. Ek Ek Ka Kaat Dungi

After doing this who gonna satisfy her

14. Harami Kela

She must be taking about A naughty Banana

15. Raat Bhar Hilaya Hai Phir Bulaya Hai

Seriously!! No other titles came in his mind

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