Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Taken U-turn to Accusing Gaurav Wasan: Karma Hits you Hard

Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Taken U-turn

There was a time when people have given immense support to the owner of Baba ka Dhaba “Kanta Prasad”. The whole incident started when Youtuber Gaurav Wasan Recorded a video of him and posted it on Social Media to help the needy couple. But Later, Kanta Prasad had filed a case against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan for money misappropriation. The whole case got lots of Controversy and threats to the Youtuber as well.

Kanta Prasad gets a good amount of Donations and started his restaurant. But many people claimed about his arrogant behavior and false claims. 

Due to Lockdown and decreased sales, Kanta Prasad shut down his restaurant in 3 months. Now he came back to his old Roadside Dhaba and hoping to get some help again. He claimed that he saved some money from the donations he gets for the future.

But, Dhaba owner has recently apologized in an attempt to clear the air about his allegations towards Gaurav Wasan.


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The video received many reactions on the internet. Some people found Kanta Prasad’s apology to be a little shady, other’s defended him for perhaps making a human mistake. People commenting – When Karma Hits you Hard.

Whether it is a new publicity stunt to get lost attention back or a real apology, Baba ka Dhaba again creating a Buzz on Social Media.


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