A Bengaluru woman has alleged a Zomato Delivery Man assaulted her inside her house and punched her on the nose because delay in bringing her order.

    A fashion influencer, Hitesha Chandranee, shared a video on social media that showed a bleeding nose and said it was the result of the delivery man hitting her while she was demanding free food or cancellation due to late delivery. She claimed that she was on the call with Zomato support when it happened.

    Zomato’s official handle of Twitter reacted to her video and said a “local representative shall be in touch with you shortly to help you with the police investigation…”

    Hitesha can be seen shaking and pointing to her bloody nose in the visuals. She told “So guys my Zomato delivery order was late and I was talking to the customer care executive. And meanwhile the delivery person just did this. He hit me, left me bleeding here, and ran off.”

    Later she shared another video, which she took later after she had bandaged her nose, the Bengaluru resident said:

    Zomato – are we really safe using ur services ??

    So guys many of u did not quite get it what happened so here it is , please let me know who expects such a behaviour from the delivery person and how are we safe if this is going around us
    I need support from all u guys to get hold of zomato people and the guy who did please support me and help with this issue.

    Zomato in a statement said the delivery partner has been delisted from the app.

    “We can’t emphasise how sorry we are, rest assured we’ll take necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future,” Zomato tweeted.

    “We deeply regret this incident and apologise to Hitesha for this traumatic experience. We are in touch with her and are providing our complete support through the necessary medical care and investigation. Meanwhile, we have delisted the delivery partner from our platform,” Zomato said in the statement.

    A case has been filed with Electronic City police station in Bengaluru and the delivery man has been arrested. While Zomato Delivery Man claimed that she hit him first with slipper & she got hurt by the door. Now Twitter is divided on it, some people supporting her and some saying Just because their income is lower than you nobody gives you right to attack them….