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12 Best Drinking Games to Make Your Next Party Cheerful with Some More Shots

Are you Planning a Next house party with Music, Disc lights, Snacks, Drinks, and more to jazz up? But do you want to add some fun and make it memorable? Than Drinking Games are the best option to chill with your friends. Each one, a couple, a friend, or an adult can easily play Drink Games as there are many options available for each category. It’s up to you whether you want to play a sober Drink Game or a Naughty one.

So here are 12 Drink Games That can Jazz up any Party:

1. Never Have I Ever 

Required: Only Drink

Never Have I Ever game is one of the best and most popular Drink Games to know your friends’ Dark secrets! 

How to Play:

Each person needs to share something that they have never done before and the people who have will take a sip of their drink/Shots. For example, when I say, “Never have I ever did open door sex,” all those in the group who have been done open door sex will have a drink. The main motive of this game to make your friends admit their embarrassing stories so choose your words wisely!

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

2. Kings Cup

Required: Drinks, cards

How to Play:

Kings Cup is best suited for a large group of people. Every time you pick a card, you have to do what the list below says. The drunker, the better!

Kings Cup Drink Game

3. Mr. and Mrs. Drinking Game

Required: Drinks

How to Play:

It’s a good Drinking Game for Couples, a Group of Adults who know each other well, or for long-time friends. Two members of the group stand back to back so they cannot see one another. Other group members then proceed to ask the two of them fairly awkward questions, to which one of them will be the answer. The question should be like – “who is the most fun?” “who is most likely to…?” If the person thinks the question applies to them, they drink. 

This adult game only works if one of the pair drinks at a time, so both of them have to be critically honest and know each other well. If both of them drink simultaneously they have to drink again. If neither of them goes to drink, they have to have a forfeit drink.

Drinking Game For Couples

4. Drunk Jenga

Required: Drinks, Jenga

How to Play:

Drunk Jenga is like ordinary Jenga, but what makes it different is its funny and crazy challenges written on 54 Jenga blocks. The person needs to pick up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on top. If the stack falls, the member needs to chug the drink and pick up two blocks and complete the challenges.

Drinking Game For College Students

5. Paranoia Drinking Game

Required: Drinks

How to Play:

This Drink Game exciting and especially for friends. In this game, you need to whisper a question to the person on your right, the answer to that question has to be somebody participating in the game. You can do a lot of fun by asking weird questions, For example – “who’s the girl you want to date out of the group?” The recipient then has to point to the person who they think is the answer to that question. If the person pointed to wants to know what the question was, they have to sip a drink.

Drinking Game for Friends

6. Shot Roulette

Required: Vodka, Water, Shot Glasses

How to Play:

It could be considered one of the best Drinking Game for Adults. To start the game, get a tray of shot glasses, fill half of them with water, and half of them with vodka. Members participating have to guess what’s in their glass without sniffing the substance. They then take the shot. If they guessed incorrectly, they have to take another.

Fun Drinking Game for Adults

7. Straight Face

Required: Drinks

How to Play:

When you get drunk, it’s tough to keep a straight face. Write some funny or inappropriate sentences on small pieces of paper – ones that are tough to read while keeping a straight face. Each member picks up a chit of paper and tries to keep a straight face while reading it. The one who giggles or reacts has to drink!

Drinking Games for Bar

8. Beer Pong

Required: Drinks, Cups, Table

How to Play:

Beer pong is the super exciting Drinking Game for Teams. It Gives all-around crowd pleasure and fun. To Play this team drinking game, Form the pyramid of cups on both ends of the table. Fill the cups with the drink of your choice and get a Ping Pong ball. 

The teams then take it in turns to throw the ball into the other team’s cups from some distance. If you get the ping pong ball into your opponent’s cup, they have to drink its contents.

Drink Game for House Party

9. Flip Cup

Required: Drinks, Cups, Table

How to Play:

The best Drinking Game for the house party. To play this game, two teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Each member must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. The team that completes it first will win.  

Drinking Game for Teams

10. Most Likely

Required: Drinks

How to Play:

The best Drinking Game to chill out with your colleagues or friends. The group members sit in a circle and ask a ‘most likely’ question. For Example – “Who would be most likely to Abuse in front of strangers?” Count till three, everyone points at a person who they think are most likely to do so. The person who gets the maximum number of fingers pointed at them, drinks as many drinks.

Drinking Games with Shots

11. Bite the Bag

Required: Drinks, Paper Bag

How to Play:

This is a Fun Drinking Game, keep a bag on the ground and take turns to lean and pick it up using only your mouth. Remember, No hands or object allowed. If persons can’t pick the bag, they have to drink. As each round completed an inch of the bag is cut, the game will continue till only the bottom of the bag is left. 

Drink Game For Home Party

12. Attached at the Hip

Required: Drinks

How to Play:

An awesome Drinking game for your guests – this game will get them close, quite literally! So, you write body parts on pieces of paper and put them together.

Makes a team of two and picks up two chits. They have to make sure that the body parts mentioned in the chits touch each other or are ‘attached’ for as long as they can. Every time someone separates, they take a shot.

Drinking Games for Large Group

These Drinking Games are enough to make your House or Bar Party a memorable one. Let us know which one your favorite?