Top 10 Best Stand Up Comedians of India to Laugh Harder

The recent trend of social media and YouTube has given opportunities to those who have some creativity or talent. That also reformed the level of Stand Up Comedy in India. There was a time when we see comedy shows only on television and get bored with their repeated content, but nowadays there are many best stand up comedians in India who are doing some extraordinary job through their YouTube channels as well.

Laughing is important for life, a day without a laugh is not worthy at all. Comedy is something that makes you laugh in any kind of situation or mood. Indian comic stand up getting a good response on social media and several comedy laugh clubs opening across the country. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can easily find Indian stand up comedy videos with views in millions. 

This is the list of most prominent and popular stand up Indian comedians for a complete dose of laughter:

1. Zakir Khan:- Zakir Khan is one of the most iconic stand up comedians of India. His popularity increased after his appearance at AIB day in 2016. He has a huge fan following base worldwide, so his shows are also popular in many countries. Recently his all-new comedy series was announced to be launched on Amazon Prime.  

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Zakir Khan
  • Subscribers:- 6.16M

2. Anubhav Singh Bassi:- A qualified lawyer, a UPSC aspirant turned into a stand up comedian. He got millions of views on his popular videos acts ‘Hostel‘, ‘Waxing‘ and ‘Cheating‘. 

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Anubhav Singh Bassi
  • Subscribers:- 3.16M

3. Abhishek Upmanyu:- A Delhi based chemical engineer was working as a research analyst in Mumbai before joining ‘On Air with AIB’ as a writer. Soon he make his debut in stand up comics with his hilarious stand up acts like Friends, Crime, & The Cosmos, Mumbai & Rich PeopleDelhi and Breakup, Due to his sense of humor and his funny way of joking, he made the move in the top 10 comedian’s list of India. 

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Abhishek Upmanyu
  • Subscribers:-3.5M

4. Abish Mathew:- Abish Mathew was working as an RJ in Red FM, Delhi before switching to stand up comedy. He is a Youtuber and Stand up comedian as well. He hosted some incredible shows with the AIB platform. Gain popularity by hosting Son of Abish and Journey of a Joke, and as the host of Comicstaan.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Son Of Abish
  • Subscribers:-1.05M

5. Aditi Mittal:- Aditi is the best female stand up comedian of India. She marked her appearance in several comedy shows across the Globe. She is also associated with Netflix “The Things I Don’t Let Me” her first special comedy on Netflix, her second special show is, “Girl Meets Mike” is also on Netflix. Some of her remarkable stand up comics are are The Story of Madhumakkhi and Bra Shopping.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Aditi Mittal
  • Subscribers:-244K

6. Kenny Sebastian:- Kenny Sebastian is known for being the best English standup comedian in the country. He has a versatile personality as a comedian, musician and filmmaker. Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian is a famous live show. Some of his famous acts are Middle class restaurant problemsSchool Love etc.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Kenny Sebastian
  • Subscribers:-2.15M

7. Kanan Gill:- Kanan Gill came into the limelight with Pretentious Movie Reviews in collaboration with Biswa Kalyan Rath. He marked his appearance in top comedy clubs of the country and OTT platforms like Amazon video and Netflix. Some of his best comic acts are Prem Aggan Review and Siblings

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Kanan Gill
  • Subscribers:-780K

8. Biswa Kalyan Rath:- Native of Odisha Biswa Kalyan rath is one of the most popular stand up comedians of India. He started his journey from Pretentious Movie Reviews with his fellow comedian Kanan Gill. He appeared in 2016’s Netflix comedy film Brahm Naman. He collaborated with many comedy clubs across the country and several OTT platforms. Biswa Kalyan Rath – Extroverts and Chaos and Uber and Me are some of his must watch acts.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Biswa Kalyan Rath
  • Subscribers:-686K

9. Rahul Subramanian:-  Before switching to stand up comedy Rahul Subramanian handling the digital marketing at Mahindra Rise. He gains popularity from his hilarious acts based on the urban Indian middle class life. Break Up and MBA and India and Pakistan are some of his best stand up comedy acts.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Random Chikibum
  • Subscribers:- 663K

10. Vir Das:- Recently joined the club of Best stand up comedians of India. He has performed in several Bollywood movies, Television shows and participated in prominent comedy festivals across the globe. He got fame from his comic acts – Indians are Racist-sh and Indians are Homophobic.

  • Youtube Channel Name:– Vir Das COMEDY
  • Subscribers:- 587K

Lets us know in comments which one is your favorite Indian stand up comedian.

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