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15 Thanksgiving Quotes That are Perfect To Show How Blessed and Thankful You are


Thanksgiving is the day to show your love and care to your friends, family and each person who is connected with you and being thankful to almighty God for giving everything.

From sending Thanksgiving greetings to preparing delicious binge you may caught up in the frenzy of Thanksgiving. Its time for everyone you care and share; whether its a get together of your friends, Cousins, Family, Colleagues or grand parents you ready to serve delicious turkey, sweet potatoes and desserts along with some Thanksgiving Movies.

Showing the gratitude is also important so when you are on the dining table or sending greetings say thanks to your loved ones with These inspiring, funny, and insightful sayings. Feel the warmth of your relationships you have and the blessings god pouring on you each coming day.

1. Sweet Memories are evergreen harvest, which remains even after our death.

Thanksgiving Quotes

2. You can feel the calmness and joy altogether only at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day

3. Thanks is not only a word, its a pumpkin that can be a reason for anyone’s Smile 🙂Thanksgiving Pictures

4. Let our hearts full of both thanks & giving.

5. God helps whom, who always thankful to othersThanksgiving Images

6. When you love what you love you have everything you need

Thanksgiving greetings

7. Thanks to God for one more thanksgiving and one more turkey 🙂

Thanksgiving to God

8. God given us life, family, friends; Together thanks him for his kindness

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Thanksgiving Greetings

9. Even in the trials of life, if we have eyes to see them, we can find good things everywhere we look

Thanksgiving saying

10. When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that i am thankful i have a cup

Happy Thanksgiving

11. Thanksgiving is a time for cheers and Beers

Happy Thanksgiving Pictures

12. Hey Turkey, Thanks for the treat

Thanksgiving Memes

13. When i count my blessings, i count you twice

Thanksgiving Wishes for Friend

14. Give thanks with a grateful heart

Thanksgiving Images

15. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

Thanksgiving Cards


Let us know which one you liked the most?

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