News of animal cruelty has come out from Lahore, Pakistan, which has embarrassed humanity itself. In Lahore, a 15-year-old boy and his friends allegedly brutally gang-raped a cat after which the kitten died.

    The news of the cruelty with kittens came to light when animal rights organization JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter shared the incident information on the Facebook handle and informed the people about the heinous crime of these minor teenagers.

    According to the Facebook post of the animal rights organization, the kitten was purchased by the minor boy’s family. When they brought it home, the minor and her friends raped her for a week, severely damaging her internal organs.

    The innocent kitten was bleeding from the wound. JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter stated, “He could not walk, he could not eat, he could not sit, he could never sleep due to pain.

    When he was taken to the vet, a lot of sperm and blood came out of his internal organs. The organization said that after seeing the “terrible condition” of the kittens, a girl from the same area asked the accused to hand over the kittens, but they refused.

    The kitten was taken to the vet for treatment but could not be saved. The animal rights organization said, “The kittens have been buried and will surely be with God.