15 Best Bollywood Horror Movies To Make Your Nights Scary

Most of the time when we party with friends or family especially in the night we think about indulge in entertainment of  Bollywood horror movies. These films gives us goose bumps in nights and scare us like a hell. Indian Cinema producing Horror content since long and haunt us with its content. 

But the old Horror movies spoilt the reputation of Bollywood horror but still there are some worth watching content released in recent years and a few that produced even before. But it is always a tough task to select the Best Hindi Horror Movies out of the released so far. So we bring the collection of some of the best movies. These Scary Bollywood movies are something that you could not watch alone, if do so can make your spine chilling.

Here’s a list of Top 15 Bollywood Horror movies to Haunt your Nights:

1. RAAZ (2002): Inspired by Robert Zemeckis What Lies Beneath (2000), Raaz is one of the best horror movies of Bollywood. You can still feel the goosebumps if you are alone and watching this in a dark room. The acting of Bipasha nailed it. Later its 2 sequels were released but the Original one was the scariest ever. 

2. 1920: After falling for each other Arjun and Lisa get married without their family’s consent. They move to an old Royal mansion in Palampur but Lisa gets possessed by a demonic spirit, Arjun must save her. This movie satisfies horror needs and also has few jump scare scenes. 1920 is scary at some parts and funny at some.

3. Veerana (1988 Horror Movie): The oldest yet finest horror movie made that time. It used to be a sensation at that time for Horror Movie fans. People liked the jasmine character very much. Mahindra Pratap and his younger brother Sameer killed a witch named Nikita. Nikita used to kill people with her charm. After many years, Nikita comes back from the dead and targets Mahindra Pratap’s daughter Jasmin.

4. Ragini MMS (2011): A couple went on a weekend trip to a deserted farmhouse. However, the couple soon witnesses a series of paranormal events. The Movie is inspired by the American paranormal horror ‘Paranormal Activity’ which is based on a real story. The spooky moments will put you in a thrill and the sound effects are like a heart attack almost.

Bollywood Horror Movies Hindi

5. Horror Story (2013): A group of friends decided to spend the night in a haunted hotel. There start the incidents which change their life in a way they least expected. If you are looking for chills then you won’t be disappointed at all.

6. 13 B (2009): Manohar and his family shifted into a new apartment situated on the 13th floor. Soon, their peace is disturbed by a spirit that uses the television set as a medium to communicate with them. No Creepy faces, sound and scenes still you can feel chill while watching it. 

Horror Movies in Hindi

7. Shaapit (2010): Aman and Kaaya love each other but due to a family curse that linked to kavya’s family they can not get married. They then approach a professor to seek a solution. An interesting horror movie and a good story‑line like every Vikram Bhatt film.


8. Darna Mana Hai (2003 Horror Movie): Six friends telling horror stories to one another while stranded on a highway. Each story turns out to be scarier than the next one but the biggest horror strikes when some of the friends go missing. This horror drama is full of unexpected twists and turns that leave the audience at the edge of their seats wondering what next.

9. Bees Saal Baad (1962): Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound Of Baskerville’, Bees Saal Baad remains every bit chilling even after so many years of its release. Vijay returns to his hometown only to be warned to stay away due to a revengeful spirit responsible for killing his ancestors. But Vijay decides to investigate the matter and hires a private detective.

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10. Naina (2005): An Indian Version of the Singaporean film The Eye (2002), Naina stars Urmila Matondkar in the lead role. Naina loses her parents and her vision in an accident. She is given a corneal implant to restore her eyesight, but with it also comes some spooky visions and a curse.

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11. Bhoot (2003): Ram Gopal Varma’s horror-thriller had two hours of spine-chilling scares. Swati and Vishal move into a new flat that is possessed by the spirit of its previous tenant. After a while, Vishal notices that Swati has started behaving strangely.

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12. Pari (2018): Pari featured Anushka Sharma as an ifrit who makes you uncomfortable in the worst ways imaginable while all your nightmares come alive. A kind-hearted man tries to help Rukhsana, a chained woman in a hut who is probably a victim of abuse. He soon realizes that things are not as they appear to be. 

13. Tumbbad (2018): One of the best horror movies of the last decade. Tumbbad follows the story of a greedy man’s search for a hidden treasure during 20th century India. When a family builds a shrine for Hastar, a monster who is never to be worshipped, and attempts to get their hands on his cursed wealth, they face catastrophic consequences.

14. Phoonk (2008): Another spooky thriller by Ram Gopal Varma, Phoonk depicts the practice of black magic. An engineer is fired from his job by his boss after he tried to unethically use a project to his advantage. He is insulted in public and fired. His wife decides to settle scores.

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15. Bulbbul (2020): Released on Netflix this Horror thriller is based on the old day’s stories. Though there are not many spooky scenes still the best horror drama released in 2020. It’s an experimental dark fable immersed in realism and surrealism. Bulbul, a child married to an old man, later grows into an enigmatic woman ruling over her household, hiding her painful past, as supernatural murders of men plague her village.

So, choose any of the above Hindi Horror Movies and Make your nights scarier and chilling dreams.


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