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Brother, my girlfriend is asking for an iPhone! Sonu Sood gave a funny Reply on Twitter

Amidst the Corona epidemic, Sonu Sood helped the needy and proved to be a messiah. He has helped many people till now. He has arranged for oxygen cylinders, beds in the hospital, even medicines. Rather, he is also seen helping the fans through Twitter. During this, some incidents happen when Sonu Sood himself is unable to stop his laughter. A post is becoming viral on social media. A user has made a strange demand to Sonu. A fan has asked Sonu Sood for an iPhone for his girlfriend.

Tagging Sonu Sood, a Twitter account named ‘Engineering Ladka’ wrote, ‘Brother my girlfriend is asking for an iPhone, can something happen to her?? Now after reading this tweet, Sonu Sood gave a funny reply and wrote, “Don’t know about it, But if you give an iPhone, then nothing will remain for you. Sonu also shared a laughing emoji with it.

There is a lot of reaction to this post of Sonu Sood. People are still seen pleading with him for help. Let us tell you that Sonu Sood is very active on social media and does everything possible to help people.

For some time, Sonu Sood has been in the headlines for his new vehicle. Recently, the actor has gifted a new Mercedes car to his son Ishant, the price of which is being told to be Rs 3 crore. A video is also going viral on YouTube, in the video, Sonu Sood is seen taking delivery of the vehicle, after which he goes out to take his children.