Brother throws 2 Years Old Toddler In front of Train, Pilot Saved Him By Emergency Brake

On the Agra-New Delhi railway track, the innocence of the loco pilot of a freight train saved the lives of an innocent child. 2 Year old kid was thrown on the railway track by his Elder brother while playing. The loco pilot stopped the train with emergency brake and handed the child over to his mother. The loco pilot is getting praised in the railway division when the video of the incident went viral.

On 02.33 pm last day from New Delhi, the freight train had crossed the Ballabhgarh station when a teenager playing near the track threw the two-year-old child in front of the train. The train Loco Pilot Dewaran Singh and Assistant Loco Pilot Atul Anand were stunned by the Incident. Immediately put the emergency brake of the train while balancing.

The goods train stopped at pillar number 1499/13 km. Loco Pilot-Assistant Loco Pilot jumped and descended from the car. Seeing the child trapped between the wheels of the engine, his life got stuck in a one-time circle. However, he was relieved to see the child safe.

Loco pilot Dewan Singh pulled the child out from under the engine and, seeing the sight, handed it over to his mother, mourning. Loco Pilot informed the Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer North Central Railway at Agra Cantonment station.Here, the video of the incident went viral on social media. Everyone praised the loco pilot. Senior DCM and PRO Sanjeev Srivastava said that the loco pilot has increased the value of the railway. The praise of his work is less.

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