Bulli Bai App Case- 21 yr Old Creator Arrested from Assam

Bulli Bai App Case

Bulli Bai app is on the controversy on Social Media after some reporters and politicians raised their voices against it. Developed on the Github platform Bulli Bai App is used to auction the Muslim Women on the app. Once users open the app they have to choose one Muslim women’s face and tag her as Bulli Bai of the Day after that other users can comment on it and starts an auction. Many people raised their voices against it and 4 students in which one is the creator arrested so far.

21 Years Old Bulli Bai App Creator Arrested from Assam:

After the controversy and FIR, the police of different states were looking for the creator and members of the Bulli Bai App. Delhi Police arrested the person who developed the Bulli Bai app on Github platform. After getting input Delhi police reached Assam and arrested the creator. Mumbai police already arrested the 3 students in Bulli Bai App case. The creator’s name is Neeraj Bishnoi. 21 Years old Neeraj is a 2nd year engineering student studying at Bit Bhopal. 


Mumbai Police Arrested 3 Students in Bulli Bai App Case:

Mumbai police have arrested 3 students in Bulli Bai App case so far. Youngsters named Shweta Singh, Vishal Kumar and Mayank Raval were arrested in Bulli Bai App Case. Shweta Singh was arrested from Rudrapur Uttrakhand, she is also 21 years old. 

More than 100 Famous Muslim Women Targeted on Bulli Bai App:

More than 100 Muslim women who have a strong presence on Social media were targeted through this Bulli Bai App. Culprits used to upload their photos and tagged Bulli Bai of the day later on users Auctioned them and use misogynist comments. Many Reporters and personalities were targeted through Bulli Bai App. 



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