Bulli Bai App: Muslim Women Being Auctioned Getting Sexist Remarks

Bulli Bai App Muslim Women

Bulli Bai app is trending on Social Media, people are trolling it because it is the app where people make indecent remarks about Muslim women. Misogynist texts are being written on the pictures of them. Bulli bai is the 2.0 version of the Sullideals app. The code is available on Github that starts the controversy again.

This time Bulli Bai is using a type of Hashtag too, in the Bulli Bai app user sees the pictures of Muslim women and choose one as a Bulli Bai of the day the other users start commenting and auctioning on that picture.

Previously a person named Javed Alam was arrested for making the Sullideals app and Hindus were blamed for it. Now Many Muslim women are being targeted on the Bulli Bai app, their pictures are available on the platform, and people commenting on it. A reporter’s picture was also shared on the app after which she tweeted about it. She lodged the FIR and the police are investigating the matter.

In many states Including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra FIR has been lodged against the Bulli Bai app and Github. Muslim women with a strong presence on Twitter have been singled out and their photos are being displayed as ‘Bulli Bai’.

Now on Social Media #BulliBai #Sullideals trending and people demanding for the arrest who is responsible for it. Like always there is politics on at this issue some left-wing users say that it is the work of Hindus Sanghis while they are forgetting Javed Alam a Muslim is responsible for Sulli Deals.


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