10 Indian C Grade Movies are too Weird as Their Posters


Every year Bollywood Produces Big budgets and Big Star’s films, but there is parallel Indian C grade movies industry also exists with it. These C grade Bollywood Movies may not get the Buzz as multiplex films, but there is a group that loves to watch such content. 

Made at extremely low budgets, with no famous Bollywood star these Movies targeted the Viewers of Small towns and single screens before disappearing from the Industry forever. Before C Grade a List of B Grade Movies also exists.

You may find their content is too creepy or too Bold. But You never know if there is some extreme level boldness or laughter associated with them that can entertain you. So here we browse the Internet and created a List of Top 10 C grade Movies along with their posters.

List of Top 10 Indian C Grade Movies with Posters:

1. Andheri Raat Mein, Diya Tere Haath Mein (1986)

Directed by Dada Kondke this Hindi C grade movie is famous for its Double Meaning Dialogues. 
indian c grade movies

2. Ek se mera kya hoga (2006)

The story of a guy who stalks women then lures them into his trap. He marries three different women as soon as the wedding night ends he dumps them.

Bollywood C Grade Movies3. Ghar Mein ho Sali to Pura Saal Diwali (2001)

Plot set on the theme of Sali adhi Ghar wali.  

C Grade Movies

4. Bagpat Ka Dulha – Batman v Superman (2019)

A comedy movie plotted around two warring families. But, fate has different plans altogether.

c grade hindi movie5. Bazaar E Husn (2014)

Raised by an honest police officer Suman becomes a victim of domestic violence. She faces many other serious problems, which forces her to lead the life of a courtesan.

c grade hindi movie list with posters6. Jangal Mein Mangal (1972)

As the name suggests the drama is plotted in the forest where a few college students go for a picnic and are attacked by a mysterious creature who kills anyone coming in its way.

c grade film7. Indoo Ki Jawani (2020)

After being cheated by her boyfriend Indoo starts using dating apps to find the perfect partner. The story takes a hilarious turn when she finds out that one of her dates is from Pakistan.

indoo KI jawaani8. Paapi Log (1990)

Directed by P. Chandrakumar its an another C Grade Masala Movie.

what is c grade movie9. Garam Dukaan (2004)

The poster of this C Grade Hindi Movie makes you confused that which Dukaan they are talking about?

C Grade Posters

10. Kahani Nadan Umar ki (2000)

As the name suggests the Story of this movie is Bold so you must watch it in alone.

Top C Grade Indian MoviesLets us know in comments if you watch any other C Grade Indian Movies that are worth including in this list.



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