Sawan 2022: Sawan Wishes, Mahadev Quotes and Messages For Holy Month

Sawan Month is the sacred month in Sanatan or Hindu Dharma. The month is known for the worship of Lord Shiva. It is said, that Bholenath aka Mahadev showers...

Download Thor Love and Thunder (2022) Movie Leaked on Torrents, Watch Online

Download Thor Love and Thunder full movie from many torrents and pirated sites on the internet as it's...

Leena Manimekalais Shown Maa Kaali Smoking Cigarette and Holding LGBTQ Flag, #ArrestLeenaManimekali Trending on Twitter

Where many Hindus kill in the name of Hurting Muslim sentiments over Muhammad blasphemy by Nupur Sharma even...

Uddhav Thackrey Resigned from Maharashtra CM on Facebook Live

After a week of circus, Uddhav Thackrey resigned from the Maharashtra CM. Supreme court ordered not to stop...

Udaipur Tailor Killed by Muslim Jihadis & Filmed Video for Supporting Nupur Sharma

Udaipur tailor killed Today by Jihadi mindset Muslims people. The Video is spread on social media, where the...

Mother’s Day 2021: 5 Amazing Ideas That are perfect to Surprise your Mom

Maa/Mummy/Ammi..most probably the first word that every child speaks. It's not only a word its a most beautiful feeling that each of us can...

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8 Melodious Bhajan Songs That Are Perfect to Start Your Morning with Some Good Vibes

Bhajans are the sound of Soul, It brings the calmness of mind. Nothing could be better than listening the Bhajans in the morning time that can make your whole day full of blessings.

Tinder is Helping Dating Hunters in Lockdown Make Passport Feature Free

Singles like us having different issues in lockdown. No hangouts, outings, College, offices and swiped almost every girl and guy of the city on tinder. But something cool Tinder is helping with its passport features making it free

Human in Lockdown While Mother Nature Breathing and Rejoicing Again With Other Creatures

Amid COVID 19 These Pictures Shows How Nature is Rejoicing the Human Lockdown : Clear Sky, Mountains, Animals Roaming on Roads, Dolphins and Whales Swimming Freely

Husband Was Watching Porn, Blown Away After Seeing His Wife in a Porn Video

Whenever you get free time or feel erotic and if there is no partner, the only thing which comes in mind is Porn. But...