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Saturday, May 28, 2022
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13 killed in Delhi violence so far, order to shoot miscreants on sight

The North-East Delhi area is burning due to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). So far 13 people have lost their lives in violent demonstrations in North East Delhi, while around 200 people including 56 policemen have been injured. Curfew has been imposed in North East Delhi after the uproar in Jafrabad, Maujpur, Babarpur, Chandbagh.

Delhi Exit Poll 2020: All Surveys Indicating that AAP Will Do Clean Sweep

Today the voting on 70 assembly seats of Delhi has been done successfully. Now the people of the national capital and whole nation eagerly...

Kauwa Biryani Was Being Sold in the Name of Chicken – Officers Shocked

Most of us used slang "Kauwa Biryani" For poorly prepared food or stale meat but what will be happened if you get to know...

AMUSU Ex President Said – We are that Community Who can Ruin Any Country

One side they want Muslims should be included in CAA even though the bill is not for the Indian Muslims, another side they showing...

Iran Killed 176 People : Admitted That Plane Attacked Due to Error

A Boeing plane crashed in Iran on Wednesday, hours after Iran launched a missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Now Iran has admitted...

Ukraine’s Boeing Plane Carrying 180 Passengers crash Near Tehran

A passenger plane has crashed near Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, the capital of Iran, amid ongoing conflict between the US and Iran....

Iran attacks American airbase, fired several ballistic missiles

US military bases in Iraq have been attacked in the US and Iran amid fears of war. Iran has attacked ballistic missiles at military...

Amidst JNU Attack Protest “Free Kashmir” Poster Raised in Mumbai

It seems that protesting is a new trend in India. Top Universities students do not have any agendas these days, they never protested for...

Artist Harish Saluja Spreading Indian Arts in Pittsuburgh

Harish Saluja is an Indian-American who came to the USA in the early 70’s, After spending some time here in the USA he realized that Americans were unaware of the rich cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. So he started spreading Indian arts and culture by his paintings, art, films

Some Stunning Pictures of Solar Eclipse 2019 Depicts “Nature is the Best Artist”

The last solar eclipse of the year has started. A wonderful view of the solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) has started appearing in many parts...

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