Sawan 2022: Sawan Wishes, Mahadev Quotes and Messages For Holy Month

Sawan Month is the sacred month in Sanatan or Hindu Dharma. The month is known for the worship of Lord Shiva. It is said, that Bholenath aka Mahadev showers...

Download Thor Love and Thunder (2022) Movie Leaked on Torrents, Watch Online

Download Thor Love and Thunder full movie from many torrents and pirated sites on the internet as it's...

Leena Manimekalais Shown Maa Kaali Smoking Cigarette and Holding LGBTQ Flag, #ArrestLeenaManimekali Trending on Twitter

Where many Hindus kill in the name of Hurting Muslim sentiments over Muhammad blasphemy by Nupur Sharma even...

Uddhav Thackrey Resigned from Maharashtra CM on Facebook Live

After a week of circus, Uddhav Thackrey resigned from the Maharashtra CM. Supreme court ordered not to stop...

Udaipur Tailor Killed by Muslim Jihadis & Filmed Video for Supporting Nupur Sharma

Udaipur tailor killed Today by Jihadi mindset Muslims people. The Video is spread on social media, where the...

“Fate is Like Rape, If You Can’t resist it Then Try to Enjoy It” Post Congress MP’s Wife: Criticized On Social Media

She put up a video as well as a photo of her husband and Congress MP Hibi Eden. With this, she wrote the caption, 'Luck is like rape, if you can't stop it then enjoy it'

Xiaomi Launched Redmi Note 8 Pro in India Starts Rs 14,999 & Redmi Note 8 Price Starting Rs. 9999 , Know Specifications

Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro Sale starting from 21 October on Amazon India and at 12 pm.

The officers Were Stunned To See That Gold Worth 30 Million Was Hidden in the Bra

At the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, officials of the Customs Department caught a suspect who had hidden three million gold in his bra. Four gold wires and 6 gold biscuits were recovered from him. 

Most Expensive Challan Till Now – Penalty of Rs 6.5 lakh imposed on Truck

challan of 6 lakh 53 thousand 100 rupees of a truck has been cut. The truck owner did not pay tax from July 2014 to September 2019. Also, the truck did not have a permit, pollution certificate and insurance.

Price of Every Sex Position Mentioned In Menu Card : Sex Racket in Delhi’s Spa

Delhi women commission raiding the Spa centres in National Capital. Many Spa centres sued for aligation of Sex Rackets.