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New Year 2022 Resolution Ideas: Happier You and A Better Society

New Year 2022 Resolutions You must have special plans for this New Year’s Eve - whether it's about all night partying with friends or saying...

Amid Lockdown Earthquake Hits Delhi NCR Netizens Sharing Funny Memes

All the nation is under lockdown but God has different plans Earthquake hits Delhi recorded 3.5 Richter scale. Centre was also in East Delhi

Tinder is Helping Dating Hunters in Lockdown Make Passport Feature Free

Singles like us having different issues in lockdown. No hangouts, outings, College, offices and swiped almost every girl and guy of the city on tinder. But something cool Tinder is helping with its passport features making it free

Not Only Kanika Kapoor Some More Incidents Proved That We Indians are Responsible For Increasing Corona Cases

How careless we are, one side where the whole world struggling with the corona crisis we Indians are hiding the information, running away from treatments and playing with lives. 

High Alert in UP – Stones Found on the Roofs of Houses in Bijnor’s Muslim Population Area

According to SP Sanjeev Tyagi, during the investigation stones have been found on the roofs of many houses. All the stones have been removed after explaining to the owner of the house.

World Food Day : Over 19 Crore People Suffer From Hunger In India; Think Twice Before Wasting Your Food

where most of us confused whether to Order from Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats and busy finding the best restaurant a significant part of the population still wonders as to ‘where to find food from?’

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