UFO videos declassified by the Pentagon were released on Monday, following the confirmation of their existence back in the fall by the US Navy — which initially refused to release them on national security grounds.

Amid COVID 19 These Pictures Shows How Nature is Rejoicing the Human Lockdown : Clear Sky, Mountains, Animals Roaming on Roads, Dolphins and Whales Swimming Freely

Makeup or over Makeup: Netizens started sharing memes on social media platforms. Not only makeup her make artist rampwalked with her.

Few days ago a video of couple kissing in Delhi Metro get viral. Lots of incidents happened and widely spreaded in social media but this time an Aunty threatened the couple for spreading vulgarity.

She put up a video as well as a photo of her husband and Congress MP Hibi Eden. With this, she wrote the caption, 'Luck is like rape, if you can't stop it then enjoy it'