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Scientists unveiled Cryodrakon Boreas : The Largest Flying Animal of World

Scientist found cryodrakon distinct from Quetzalcoatlus with wingspan of 10m and 250kg weight

Price of Every Sex Position Mentioned In Menu Card : Sex Racket in Delhi’s Spa

Delhi women commission raiding the Spa centres in National Capital. Many Spa centres sued for aligation of Sex Rackets.

Price of Iphone 11 Series in India Starts From 64,990 : Know the Features

The Indian price of Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max has been announced. Pre-booking will be taken in India from September 13. From September 20, you will be able to buy it.

32 Year Old Men Got a Look of 81 Year Old Caught at Delhi Airport : Going to New York

Gujarat Resident Jayesh Patel wants to go to New York to change his life but not getting visa so use this method

Delhi consumed 38.3 tons of weed in 2018 : Ranked 3rd Globally, Mumbai at 6 with 32.4

Here is the list of cities mentioned with most consumption even cannabis is not leaglised in them apart from Toranto.

After Hunting Lion Got Busy with Children, Buffalo Ran Away

lion and the lioness become so busy with their children that they forget to take care of the hunt. Seeing the opportunity, the buffalo ran away

Iphone 11 : Apple May Launch It Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on September 10, the American tech company Apple will launch a new iPhone series.

Chandrayaan’s 2 Vikram Lander Have 11 Days Left To Put Back On His Feet

According to scientists, he has 12 days to contact Vikram. It is estimated that ISRO has 12 days to contact Vikram.

Mother and Daughter Caught The Chain Snatcher In Delhi

Mother-daughter caught the chain snatcher while showing impunity in such a way that the thief could not get rid of the hold despite millions of attempts. The chain snatcher was caught by the bravery of both.

Lungs of Earth – Amazon Rainforest Burning Warning for Global Community

The world’s largest Amazon Rainforest , has been sparked by thousands of fires for over a month now. There has been a state of...

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