UFO videos declassified by the Pentagon were released on Monday, following the confirmation of their existence back in the fall by the US Navy — which initially refused to release them on national security grounds.

South Korea announced that Kim Jong-un is alive and well. His train is spotted at Wonsan, maybe he is on bed rest after his surgery.

Amid COVID 19 These Pictures Shows How Nature is Rejoicing the Human Lockdown : Clear Sky, Mountains, Animals Roaming on Roads, Dolphins and Whales Swimming Freely

Corona's knock in India has created panic. After the emergence of new cases in Delhi-NCR, the actions of the Center and Delhi Government have intensified. 6 patients have been admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. At the same time, 21 people from Italy have been kept at the ITBP Isolation Center in Delhi. Of these, 16 tests positive.

Harish Saluja is an Indian-American who came to the USA in the early 70’s, After spending some time here in the USA he realized that Americans were unaware of the rich cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. So he started spreading Indian arts and culture by his paintings, art, films