Chacha With Einstein Look: New Meme Sensation After Video Viral of Bagpat Chaatwala Fight

In Baghpat, The chaat vendor’s dispute converted into a massive clash. Previously a video of chaatwale vendors went viral on the internet. In which they were fighting against each other by using sticks and rods. 

The incident happened in the main market of the Barot Kotwali area, a chaat shopkeeper called the customer of another chaat shopkeeper to himself. Then what was the market turned into a battlefield and every vendor got a chance to wash hands in the flowing Ganges. Now on this video, a lot of funny memes are getting viral and people are calling the person who played the main character in the quarrel a satire and its hero.

In an almost five-minute video of the fight, the man in green colored kurta with big hair beat up many people. 

The reason for getting viral is something different, that old man named Harendar has a hairstyle like Albert Einstein.

Now #Chacha is trending on Twitter and memers making fun of this fight. let’s see how people making fun of hilariously MMA fighter Chacha:












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