Chandrayaan’s 2 Vikram Lander Have 11 Days Left To Put Back On His Feet

  • ISRO chief K.K. Sivan had said on Sunday that ISRO’s team is constantly trying to establish communication with Lander Vikram and soon contact will be established. According to scientists, he has 12 days to contact Vikram. It is estimated that ISRO has 12 days to contact Vikram.

Because Lunar Day is going on right now. One lunar day is equal to 14 days on Earth. Out of this, 2 days have passed. That is, the day will be on the moon for the next 12 days. After that there will be night on the moon, which is equal to 14 days of the Earth. It would be difficult to contact him at night. Then ISRO scientists will have to wait.

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