Coronavirus 4th Wave in India- Prediction, Symptoms to Stay Safe From Covid19


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Fourth Wave of Covid in India- Precautions and Prediction Required to avoid the 4th wave in India. Covid19 is following a pattern since it has shown the first case in India. After the festive or wedding season in India, it is observed that Covid cases increase each time. 

The third wave of Coronavirus was very mild as compared to the previous first and second waves. The whole world faced disaster due to the second wave of Covid19, many people lose their loved ones in India too because of this wave. 

But scientists came up with vaccines and The third wave of Covid19 was passed easily due to the vaccination drive. But now the question arises would there be any 4th wave of Covid in India? 

Well, Scientists are not sure about it but WHO and some studies of IIT warned that there could be a 4th Wave of Covid 19 in India and other countries soon.

As per the IIT Research, the 4th Wave of Covid19 in India may come in June-July.

4th wave of coronavirus in India

Coronavirus changing its property rapidly. New variants of Covid19 are discovered in different countries. So Most likely 4th wave of Covid would arrive because of the new Covid19 variants. The exact date and month of the 4th wave of coronavirus are unpredictable, but it can come soon as many countries going through it even China is also went under lockdown again.

WHO said that “In some countries where the cases are low because of vaccination and restrictions there people are thinking that Covid19 pandemic reached to an end, that’s not the case, for this year you can think that the Pandemic has been stopped but there could be more dangerous Variants of Covid come later.”

It is unpredictable when will the Covid19 4th wave come India but if we read the WHO statement it can be said that it could not be as deadly as the second wave was. It may pass soon as the Third wave passed.

India encountered the 3 major Covid19 waves till now. When the first wave started, many nations imposed the lockdown so India did. But the second wave of Covid19 affected the nation badly, lakhs of people died and there was no place left to criminate the bodies. It made the Government to imposed the lockdown again.

The Omicron variant of Covid19 brought the Third wave of Covid to India. It passed soon without doing much harm, the reason behind it was mild that most of the people got vaccinated.

It is estimated that 4th wave of Covid in India may come between May-July. Now it has to be seen how the vaccination will help to overcome this wave. 

Will there be a fourth wave of covid? 

As per the reports, it is difficult to predict the time of the fourth wave at this stage. But analyzing its pattern “4th wave of Covid may come at the end of April or between May-July, but it will not be as deadly as the second wave was”.

The newly found variant XE is more dangerous than Omicron BA.2 Variant, it may increase the Risk of Covid 4th wave in India. WHO said that BA.2 variant is responsible for 86% percent Covid cases in the world but XE is growing from the 10X speed of BA.2. 

When starting 4th wave of coronavirus in India?

By seeing the previous pattern it has been observed by the experts that after each wedding and festive season a new wave hits the country. If this happens then April is the season of weddings in India also people are not following the Covid norms. Even many states removed the compulsion of wearing a mask in public. So at the end of April or between May-July, we can see a spike in Covid19 cases.

In some states, the alarming situation of the Covid19 4th wave has been seen. 

Coronavirus Fourth Wave symptoms

Covid19 changing its mutations but the Symptoms and patterns are the same. The symptoms of Covid 4th wave might be similar to previous ones. Symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties can be a sign that you are suffering from Covid19. As per the WHO statement, some new mutations of Covid19 may lead to fourth wave and nothing can be said about their symptoms till their examinations.

Precautions needed to stay safe from covid-19 Fourth wave

It is always necessary to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus. Social distancing, Mask, and some precautions that should be taken to stay safe from covid-19 fourth wave too. WHO and the Indian health ministry also shared some tips to protect from the 4th wave of Covid. Some of the Instructions given below should be followed:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  2. Always wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer if you are going outside.
  3. Do not touch your face or remove your mask frequently.
  4. Follow social distancing. Make a distance of at least 1mtr in the crowd.
  5. When coughing, cover the mouth with a handkerchief.
  6. If your health is already weak do not go outside from home.
  7. Do not smoke and stay away from other lung weakening activities.
  8. Stay away from dust.

To stay safe above-mentioned instructions should be followed strictly. 

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