Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly across the country. On Wednesday morning, the number of infected patients increased to 148. Three people have died in this, while 14 people have recovered and gone home. 24 foreign nationals are among those infected. Governments are working at three levels to deal with the coronavirus. In most states, schools and colleges are closed from office to tourist destination.

    The worst condition is from Maharashtra. Here 42 people have been found corona infected. Also one in Andhra Pradesh, 10 in Delhi, 16 in Haryana, 11 in Karnataka, 27 in Kerala, one in Punjab, 4 in Rajasthan, one in Tamil Nadu, 5 in Telangana, 3 in Jammu and Kashmir, 8 in Ladakh, North. 16 cases have been reported in the state, one in Uttarakhand, one in Odisha and one in West Bengal.

    Meanwhile, the death toll due to the Corona outbreak in the world has increased to 7,989, while the number of confirmed cases has increased to 1,98,709 in which 82,779 recovered till now. On Tuesday, 21 new suspected cases were reported in China. After recovering, a total of 922 people were discharged from the hospital, while the number of serious cases fell by 208 to 2,622.