15 Motivational Cricket Quotes From Famous Players of The Game

Playing for the country is the dream of every player but it takes constant hard work, years of undivided attention and a resolution to represent the country.

There are thousands of talented youngsters sweating it out every single day on the field but only a few of them are recognized as legends. When it’s about cricket they get the next level of respect and fame. These cricket legends are the inspiration for many people and their worthy Quotes depict the fiery passion of this game and life.

These powerful Cricket Quotes show the passion of these legends towards the game and the thought that makes them different from Others.

Here are some inspirational Cricket Quotes that show the real legends in these famous players:

1. No Dream is Ever Chased Alone

Rahul Dravid Cricket Quotes

2. You Don’t Play for The Crowd, You Play for the Country.

Cricket Lover Quotes

3. People throw Stones at you and you convert them into Milestones.

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes on Cricket

4. A wise man learn by the mistakes of Others, A fool by own.

Adam Gilchrist Cricket Quotes

5. First of all, convince yourself that you are the best because the rest of your life is going to go proving this to others.

Wasim Akram Cricket Quotes

6. Never give up; just absolutely never give up

Emotional Cricket Quotes

7. From my past performances, past success, I know all days cannot be rosy and what keeps me going is the support from my team.

Sourav Ganguly Cricket Quotes

8. Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes

9. My first bat was shaped of a coconut branch and from that day, all I wanted to do was to be a cricketer.

Brian Lara Cricket Quotes

10. I was always fiercely determined and driven to succeed.

Ricky Ponting Quotes

11. I don’t believe in technique, I believe in performance. If you are tough, whether you have technique or not, you’ll survive.

Virender Sehwag Quotes

12. Every person gets negative things, they learn from those negative things, and you become a positive person.

Kapil Dev Cricket Quotes

13. There is nothing more exciting in sport when the top two countries in the world are battling for the Ashes

Best Cricket Quotes

14. It’s very challenging. The most important thing you need as a sportsman is to be clear on what you’re actually doing.

Brett Lee Quotes

15. I don’t want to extend my career for individual records. This is the time to go.

Cricket Quotes

These Best Cricket Quotes gives the inspiration to everyone. So let us know which one is your favorite.

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