Current Trends in Math Education

Current Trends in Math Education

Some scientists consider mathematics to be the most important science and one of the first in the world.

Without knowledge of mathematics, all modern life would be impossible. We wouldn’t have good houses because builders have to be able to measure, count, and build. There would be no railways, no ships, no planes, no big industry. There would be no radio, television, cinema, telephone and thousands of other things that make up a part of our civilization. Mathematics allows us to see the world without the so-called rose-colored glasses. The curriculum is structured in such a way that it seems that mathematics is just calculations. But no. Calculations are always present when solving real problems, but mathematics is rather what formulates and composes these expressions for calculation. To master this science, you need not memorize formulas, but understand it from the inside.

For this, in the modern world, many technologies and methods for studying mathematics have been invented.

Study During the Project

Projects can be drawn up in writing and through public protection. The volume of written projects in mathematics can be different, depending on the type of project and the time of its execution, depending on the amount of graphic material, figures, study tables, etc. The smaller, as a rule, is the volume of a short-term project. It covers a small range of issues.

Project-based teaching was also prescribed in mathematics lessons. This format implies the organization of the educational process in the form of solving educational problems based on the independent collection and interpretation of information, the argumentation of the position and self-examination, and at the end – the presentation of the resulting intellectual product. Students independently learn to choose and develop a theme for a future project, draw up a preparation plan, organize groups and distribute roles within them, determine the timing of the project, search and find sources of information and the necessary materials to bring the project to life, and also acquire public speaking skills.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning is relevant for every student. It is not just a tick box exercise, success/failure. It brings usefulness that increases productivity and brings individual rewards: the necessary experience, useful knowledge. In recent years, the term “tutoring” has become too popular, which has led to a blurring of its meaning and the duties of a tutor in the individualization of the educational process. To develop the full potential of a student, it is necessary not only to build an individual trajectory of classes with a tutor but also to personalize training courses, including within the school. Although educational institutions and platforms are actively collecting data, they are practically not used to build individual programs for the tasks of a particular student.

Learn Math Over The Chessboard

All known types of mathematical problems and puzzles on a chess topic can be covered: problems about a chessboard, about routes, strength, arrangement, and rearrangement of pieces on it. The problems “about the knight’s move” and “about eight queens”, which were studied by the great mathematicians Euler and Gauss, are considered. The mathematical coverage of some pure chess questions is given – the geometric properties of the chessboard, the mathematics of chess tournaments, the system of Elo coefficients.

Learning Mathematics With Technology 

Interest in the subject is developed when the student understands what the teacher is talking about, when the content is interesting for the tasks and exercises that encourage the student to be creative, contribute to the manifestation of independence in mastering the educational material, they teach not only to draw conclusions and generalizations but also to see the prospect of applying the knowledge gained in the lesson, develop their individual characteristics. That is why the teacher should strive to update the teaching system, aimed at increasing the motivation of students to the learning process.

  • A lesson with multimedia support – there is one computer in the classroom, it is used not only by the teacher as an “electronic board” (demonstration of drawings, experiments, virtual excursions) but also by students to defend projects; 
  • a lesson is held with a computer support – several computers (usually in a computer class), all students work at them at the same time or take turns doing laboratory work, tests, training exercises;
  •  a lesson integrated with informatics takes place in a computer class and has the following tasks: first, to work out educational material using a PC to create crosswords, graphs, games, tables, and diagrams; secondly, to study the capabilities of various computer programs; 
  • work with an electronic textbook (possibly remote) using special training systems, where traditional lessons on the subject are replaced by independent work of students with electronic information resources.

Financial Literacy 

Financial literacy is a set of approaches, rules, and practices, following which we can manage our financial flows so effectively that it will allow us to become richer, achieve our goals, and not reduce the usual standard of living even in adulthood. Topics related to financial literacy are integrated into a modern school mathematics course. Along with the study of familiar mathematical sections, students are offered examples and tasks related to money and its functioning in human life. Starting from simple tasks “How to collect an amount with different coins or bills?” students gradually complete practice-oriented assignments, non-standard schematic assignments to represent costs and costs. Having studied the concepts of interest and proportions in high school, students get acquainted with the basics of banking, the principles of lowering and raising prices. The topic of functions and their systems allows students to understand the financial area of ​​supply and demand, market equilibrium. The most important thing in the economic education of schoolchildren is the emergence of discussion and discussion in the lesson, which leads students to form their own conclusions about how to manage their personal budget.

Thus, we see that mathematics occupies one of the most important places in human life. He played an important role in the development of all mankind – he provided opportunities that we did not have before and, oddly enough, remained in everyone’s daily life. Mathematics is a very interesting and exciting science that is present in all sectors of the economy – industry, architecture, medicine, technology, and everyday life. This science needs to be taught and understood because if you are friends with mathematics, you can use it to solve a problem of any complexity, be it an algebraic equation to calculate how much porridge you need to cook so that everyone has enough. Modern trends in the study of mathematics will help you with this: with them, you will quickly figure out what’s what.

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