In the age of social media, parenting blogs have become a valuable resource for new and experienced parents alike. They offer insights, tips, and relatable stories that help navigate the often-challenging world of raising children. Among the vast array of parenting blogs, “Dad and Buried” stands out as a refreshingly candid and humorous take on parenthood. In this article, we’ll explore “Dad and Buried” and its unique approach to parenting in the digital age.

    Meet the Man Behind “Dad and Buried”

    At the heart of the “Dad and Buried” blog is a witty and relatable writer and parent named Mike Julianelle. Mike is a New York-based father of two young boys who initially started the blog to share his thoughts, experiences, and frustrations as a parent.

    What sets Mike apart from many other parenting bloggers is his willingness to embrace the less glamorous and often challenging aspects of parenthood. He isn’t afraid to admit that parenting can be exhausting, maddening, and occasionally exasperating. This honesty and humor have struck a chord with parents around the world.

    The Birth of “Dad and Buried”

    “Dad and Buried” was born in 2010 when Mike decided to create a blog to document his experiences as a new father. He realized that many parenting blogs and social media accounts presented an idealized version of parenthood, often glossing over the difficulties and challenges. Mike’s intention was to provide a different perspective – one that was more authentic, candid, and, above all, humorous.

    His posts cover a wide range of topics, from sleepless nights and temper tantrums to the joys and frustrations of trying to raise well-behaved children. His ability to use humor to tackle these often frustrating and overwhelming aspects of parenting has made “Dad and Buried” a breath of fresh air in the parenting blogosphere.

    Parenting with Humor

    Mike’s unique brand of parenting humor has resonated with many parents who appreciate the levity he brings to the trials and tribulations of raising kids. He uses wit and satire to explore the absurdity of parenthood, all while acknowledging that he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. His humorous posts and memes frequently go viral, as they tap into the shared experiences and frustrations of parents.

    One of his popular recurring segments is “Got Toddlered,” where he shares photos sent in by his followers, highlighting the destruction and chaos that toddlers can unleash. These images serve as a reminder that parenting is rarely picture-perfect and often involves cleaning up messes, both literal and figurative.

    Navigating the Challenges

    “Dad and Buried” doesn’t shy away from discussing the challenges of parenthood. Mike addresses issues like screen time, discipline, and the struggle to maintain a sense of self while being a parent. He acknowledges that parenting is not all sunshine and rainbows and that it’s okay for parents to experience moments of doubt and frustration.

    In a world where parents are often bombarded with images of perfect families on social media, “Dad and Buried” provides a much-needed dose of reality. It reassures parents that it’s normal to have difficult days and that the ups and downs of parenthood are part of the journey.

    The Impact of “Dad and Buried”

    The “Dad and Buried” blog and social media presence have grown substantially over the years. Mike’s humorous and relatable take on parenting has garnered a large and loyal following. He has published a book, “Daddy Needs a Drink,” and made appearances on various media outlets, further solidifying his status as an influential voice in the world of parenting.

    What makes “Dad and Buried” particularly special is its ability to create a sense of community among parents. Mike’s blog and social media platforms have become spaces where parents can come together to laugh, commiserate, and find solace in the shared struggles and joys of raising children.

    Conclusion: A Refreshing Perspective on Parenthood

    “Dad and Buried” offers a refreshing and humorous perspective on parenthood. Mike Julianelle’s willingness to discuss the less glamorous side of raising children, combined with his sharp wit, has endeared him to parents worldwide. By acknowledging the difficulties and frustrations of parenting while finding humor in the chaos, Mike has created a space where parents can laugh, vent, and connect.

    Parenting is a challenging journey, and “Dad and Buried” reminds us that it’s okay to admit the difficulties and seek the humor in the chaos. In a world where perfection is often presented as the norm, this blog provides a much-needed dose of reality and camaraderie for parents who can relate to the daily struggles and triumphs of raising children. “Dad and Buried” is not just a blog; it’s a parenting support group, a source of laughter, and a testament to the power of humor in navigating the wonderful chaos of family life.