These Days Delhi’s Cab Drivers Roaming with Condoms, Reason Will Shock You

Nowadays, Delhi’s cab drivers are roaming around with condoms. They say that if they do not do so, the challan can be cut. Now the reason why this rumor originated and how it originated is very interesting. 🙂

According to the information, a cab driver Dharmendra was stopped by the traffic police on Nelson Mandela Road in South Delhi. After this, the police checked their first aid box, said condom is missing. Police cut Dharmendra’s challan.

Dharmendra says that recently his challan was also cut off for not having a condom. Since then he started keeping condoms. Although the receipt of the challan was given to him, the reason for it was said to be overspeed.

Since then, this rumor spread all over Delhi and many drivers in Delhi are roaming around with condoms in their first aid box. They all believe that if they do not keep the condom then the challan will be cut.
Apart from this, some drivers say that they were never asked by the police about condoms during checking. However, the Delhi Motor Vehicle Act or Central Motor Vehicle Act does not mention running condoms anywhere.

According to media reports, Kamaljeet Gill, president of Sarvodaya Drivers Association, says that condoms are used even when in trouble. For example, if someone is cut somewhere, condoms can be used to prevent bleeding, or if fractured, then go to the hospital.

They even say that people running all public service vehicles should have at least three condoms. So that at such a time these can be useful.

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