The so-called peaceful community of India targeted the Bengaluru this time. Neither they care about the Covid19 pandemic nor the peace of the country.

    The violence erupted on Tuesday night in East Bengaluru over a Facebook post. A mob of Muslim communities attacked on the Police station and the home of Congress MLA Shrinivas Murti as well. The mob set fired the police station and damaged many vehicles, homes, and ATM in the area. On which Bollywood actor Zeeshan Ayyub Tweeted:

    To control the situation 60 policemen injured so far and 3 hooligans died in police firing. Section 144 has been imposed in the entire city after the Bengaluru riots.

    The whole incident starts with the Social media post of the Congrees MLA’s Nephew Naveen. In which he has written something about Mohammad Saab after which the Muslim community flare-up, many people gathered to lodged the FIR. When police told them to sort the matter mutually, they attacked the police station and set it to the fire. The mob not only stopped on it, but they also Vandalized the whole area, each vehicle on the road, house of MLA, and his neighbors and public property.

    The people were shouting “Allah Hu Akbar”, it seems naming the Allah gives them the strength to do all illegal activities and to kill people as well. Kashmir, Delhi and now Bangalore is the recent example of communal riots by the same community.

    Police have arrested Congress MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy’s nephew Naveen and 110 rioters till now.