Dry Days in India 2022: Complete List to Stock up in Advance


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Whenever you are in the mood for a party or weekend entertainment but get to know today is a Dry Day OF 2022, Oops!! it can spoil all your plans and ruin your mood. The government of India declares some auspicious days like- religious festivals, national festivals, and events as Dry Days. 

On Dry Days no Alcohol shops are allowed to sell, they remain shut. But if you don’t want to spoil your party mood the best Idea is to stock up in Advance. So, here we compile the list of Dry Days in 2022. 

List of Dry Days in 2022:

January 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
14 January 2022 Friday Makar Sankranti
26 January 2022 Wednesday Republic Day
30 January 2022 Sunday Martyr’s Day

February 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
16 February 2022 Wednesday Sant Ravidas Jayanti
26 February 2022 Saturday Maharishi Dayanand Jayanti

March 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
1 March 2022 Tuesday Mahashivratri
18 March 2022 Friday Holi

April 2022

तारीख Day Festival/Dry Day
10 April 2022 Sunday Ram Navami
14 April 2022 Wednesday Ambedkar Jayanti
15 April 2022 Friday Mahavir Jayanti
15 April 2022 Friday Good Friday

May 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
2 May 2022 Monday Eid-ul-fitr
3 May 2022 Tuesday Eid-ul-fitr
16 May 2022 Monday Buddha Purnima

June 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
No Dry Days

July 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
9 July 2022 Saturday Eid-ul-azha
13 July 2022 Wednesday Guru Purnima

August 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
8 August 2022 Monday Moharram
15 August 2022 Monday Independence Day
18 August 2022 Thursday Krishna Janamashtami
31 August 2022 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi

September 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
No Dry Days

October 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
2 October 2022 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
5 October 2022 Wednesday Dussehra
7 October 2022 Friday Eid-al-milad
9 October 2022 Sunday Valmiki Jayanti
24 October 2022 Monday Diwali

November 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
8 November 2022 Tuesday Guru Nanak Jayanti
24 November 2022 Wednesday Guru Tegbahadur Martyr’s Day

December 2022

Date Day Festival/Dry Day
25 December 2022 Sunday Christmas

So note down these Dry Days Dates 2022 and stock up in advance to continue your party. Thanks us later!!

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