The protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Citizenship Register (NRC), which has been in operation for the last 101 days, has been removed in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. The coronavirus is rapidly increasing in India but that protesters at Shaheen Bagh were not ready to vacate the Roads. On Tuesday, tents of protesters were uprooted amid heavy police force deployment at Shaheen Bagh. With this, the Noida-Kalindi Kunj road has also been vacated.

    Delhi Police took this action in one hour, pleading for the coronavirus and Section-144. During this time, the police took 6 women and 3 men into custody. A heavy police force has been deployed on the spot. Police say that we wanted to evacuate the protest site in a peaceful manner.

    Delhi Police says that many cities are under lockdown due to Coronavirus. Delhi has also been locked down. We have appealed to the people of Shaheen Bagh to withdraw from the protest. The risk of coronavirus is here. We are asking people to withdraw peacefully so that the lives of the people are protected. No one has to take any risk because it is a very infectious disease. Later the police removed the people.

    Delhi Police officials who reached the spot say that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the world. We all have to stop this, so we are evacuating the dharna venue in a peaceful manner. We also have to evacuate the Noida-Kalindi Kunj road, because vehicles can be moved for many essential goods, including ambulances. Police have cleared the road by emptying the picket.

    Due to Coronavirus, Section-144 has been imposed in entire Delhi and seven districts have been locked. Earlier on Sunday, a public curfew was imposed in the entire country. This was also supported by the protesters of Shaheen Bagh and there was a symbolic strike on that day, but after this, the protesters had decided that now only 5 women would sit on the dharna in view of the transition of Corona.