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E Cigarette Banned : Yes Indian Government Might Taken a Wrong decision, know why?

On Wednesday, the Indian government announced the bann on E cigarettes. Now Manufacturing, Export, Import, Distribution and storage is strictly prohibited in all across the country. It decided during the cabinet meeting and government will bring the ordinance in front of president to bann it immediately said, Finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman. Government will introduce a bill in Parliament in winter session.

But banning it not a solution, here know why;

Less Harmful : All the researches happened till now stats that enhaling the E Cigarettes is less harmful than regular Tobacco cigarettes because they use nicotine in place of Tobacco.
Still the researches is going on it.

E cigarettes bann in india

Alternative for Tobacco Cigarettes : Many people using it as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes to get rid of from their addiction.  Tobacco cigarettes causes cancer and many other diseases. Many Reseraches stats that E cigarettes also affecting the health and producing the diseases like cancer etc but even not proved till yet.
Now know the reason behind banning it:
Government’s main source of tax collection is tobacco products, E cigarettes have market of 26.8% in India till date and going to increase 60% till 2022. So government and tobacco companies may suffer loss.
If government is so much concerned about public health than why online E cigarettes why not Tobacco cigarettes. In India Lakhs of people die from cancer every year and the main reason behind is tobacco products.

We are not saying that E cigarettes are safe, it’s also harmful in many ways but also bann tobacco products.