16 Cool & Easy Hairstyles for Girls that Makes Them All Day Chic

Some day Girls just want to manipulate their Hair in Seconds. Though they want to looks stylish and cool the whole day. Whether it is an arrangement of weaves, intricate braids, and styled tendrils, there are simple styles that take minimum effort but offer an elegant look. 

Hair is the most precious things for girls and styling them are their everyday priority. This can change their whole look in a minute. Whether its India or America, the Girls of each country curious about their hairstyles. The some hairstyles for Girls may be vary but mostly looks same everywhere.

We have compiled a list of simple Girl’s hairstyles together, It has something for everybody. Check out and find your favorite looks that are perfect to make you a Diva in office or college

1. Pull Through Braid

Braids are considered as the simplest, easiest hairstyle practically anyone can rock. To Make a Pull Through Braid you just need a large clip and a few clear elastic bands. Follow a few steps in which you need to normally braid your hair. The final look makes your hair chunky and much thicker.

Trendy Hairstyles for Girls

Pull Through Braid Hairstyle for Girls



Start by giving the hair a little hold and texture. Tie an elastic toward the ends of your hair and use it as your anchor. Now leave out other hair you want to appear to have fallen out. Twist your bun and pin it in place but let the tail part drop out. Adjust the elastic up higher or low to get different volumes.

Easy Hair Style for Girls


You would love by opting for this 2-minute hairdo to rock regularly. Basically, you’re making a twisted looped side pony and then pulling the hair out/messing it up, then pinning the top part of the loop up.

Here you can see how to make it;

Cool Hairdo for Girls

4. Rose Braid style

Pick a section of hair from both sides of your head by keeping in line with your temples. Its time to tie it into a small pony and secure it in a loose braid down to the end. Spin the braid around into a bun, and pin it securely against your head.

Easy Hairstyles for Girls at Home


This style is remarkably simple, a couple of twists, a few pins, and you’re done. Separate your hairs at the crown area using a fine-tooth comb. Tease your hair by slowly combing it toward your scalp. Secure that top section of hair, up at your crown, with a few bobby pins inserted horizontally. Separate a side of the hair in front of one ear and twist it toward the back. 

Position the twist on top of the previously inserted pins to cover them. Insert a bobby pin or two into the twist to secure it. Repeat on the other side. You can check now in the mirror.

Cool Girl Hairstyles for Office

6. Two-minute curls

Bunch your hair up like a high pony and separate the tail in half. Wind one half of the pony around a curling wand for half a minute to a minute. Repeat it with the other side. Now, Let the ponytail down and separate it with your fingers, your hair will fall in soft curls.

Hairstyles for Girls for Hurry

7. Glamorous Fan Bun

It’s time for another cute updo! Begin with the hair secured into a ponytail near the crown of the head. Slide the elastic up a few inches away from the head. Create a hole between the elastic and the head, stick your thumb and index finger. With fingers, grab the hair from the ponytail.

Now hold your hair about 3 inches above the elastic with your free hand. Pull the bottom section of the ponytail through the hole. Now cinch the elastic down tightly against the head, and now you’ll notice that you have the beginnings of the fan shape. Divide in half the ends you just pulled through and twist-wrap them up and around the top of the elastic and bobby pin into place. Pull the edges of the fan down against the head and use 1-2 small bobby pins to secure the bottom edges of the fan to the head, thus giving the true fan or “slinky” shape”.

Cute Girl Hair styles


Separate your hairs into large or small sections depends on how you want your waves. Twist these sections and blow-dry it and let it hold. One the hair has been blown dried separate them gently with your fingers for soft, beach-ready waves. It works best with damp hair.

Beach Waves Hair Style for Girls


Bubble ponytail is simple yet stylish! 

Pull up half of your hair and tie them with an elastic. Take a section of the hair in the half-up ponytail and wrap it around the clear elastic until you get to the end of your hair. 

When you find the elastic under your ponytail it’s time to pull the small section of hair through the elastic to keep in place.

Once the hair is threaded, you can pull downwards to tighten the hair wrapped around the pony. 

Tease the ponytail as it is going to be your first “bubble” and it should have plenty of volumes!

Repeat Steps until you get to the end of your hair!

Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls


It should take only 5 minutes and offers you a wow look. Curl your hair and separate half of them in two sections, Now make the top knot with bubbe pins and with the remaining hairs again separate them in two sections and make a side braid. 

BOHO Braid Hairstyle for Girl


A triple twisted ponytail is one of the fastest school hairstyles out there. This radiant hairdo takes only 10 minutes. 

 hair style for girl


It gets its name due to the design of hairs like a waterfall. it simply takes a couple of repetitive steps to achieve! Take a big section of hair at the front and separate it into three strands. Take the back strand and cross it over the middle. In the same way, take the front strand and cross it over the middle. Now take the back strand and add a little section of hair into it. Cross this back strand and a new section of hair over the middle. Leave the front strand as is. Take a section of hair BEHIND the front strand. Cross this new section over the middle. Now, Repeating the same steps – take the back strand and add a new section of hair into it. Cross that back section and a new section of hair over the middle. Again, leave the front strand as is and take a section behind it to cross over the middle. Finally, Repeat all the same steps all the way to the back of your head and secure it with a clear elastic. 


Separate your hair into two sections and create boxer braids. Do this until you reach the back of your neck, and then tie your hair there. Now, the rest of your hair will flow like normal pigtails.

Hairstyle for School Girls


After braiding around the edges of your head, Give your hair a half-up Dutch look.

Hair Styles fot Office Girls


Get the perfect high ponytail in one minute by using this simple trick. Save your time in the early morning when you are in a hurry.

High Ponytail Style for Girls in Hurry


This is another of the cutest hairstyles for College or coaching. This adorable hair bow only takes a few minutes to do and it looks absolutely amazing!

Best Hairstyles for Girls

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