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Farmer Laws Repeal – How Modi Govt Come on Backfoot

So today, Prime minister Modi announced the Repeal of the Farmer laws in his Speech. The one year long Kisan Andolan and Farmer’s stubbornness make the Modi Government repeal the farmer laws.
That is all happening when the UP and Punjab assembly elections going to be held next year and the Government doesn’t want to take any risk by making the farmers angry.
BJP and its supporters don’t want to lose the state’s election especially when it comes to Uttar Pradesh because the way to parliament goes through Uttar Pradesh’s results so they announced the Farmer Laws repeal.

Repealing the farmer laws was not an easy task for the Government but the deaths of farmers, conflicts from supporting parties and leaders, West UP factor, and many more things were there that make PM Modi to come ownself and announce it.

He said – that we failed to win the trust of farmers and our penance will not become successful.

The three farmer laws created international buzz and many disputes between farmers and the Government. The borders of many states chocked since a year, people faced difficulties to travel and also Government bear the economic loss.
At last, Modi Government announced the repealing of farmer laws. Now the time and upcoming elections will show the effect of this dicision.