Hand sanitizer has an important place in the war against Coronavirus. People are using it to avoid corona infection, but now a fatwa has also been issued against this hand sanitizer.

    A fatwa has been issued against the hand sanitizer in the Jamtara town of Jharkhand and it is due to the alcohol added to the sanitizer.

    In fact, repeated hand cleaning is very important to prevent corona infection. Fear of spreading the coronavirus remains if the hands are not cleaned. This is the reason why doctors also recommend that people keep their hands clean so that corona infection can be avoided.

    The hand sanitizer plays an important role in protecting us from infection, but Mohammad Sufiyan, the Imam of Pokharia Jama Masjid in Jamtara, has termed the hand sanitizer against Islam.

    He said that liquor mixed in hand sanitizer has been described as the root of all evils in the hadith and that drinking, selling and using it as medicine in Islam is haraam and illegitimate.

    A new debate has erupted after an alcoholic hand sanitizer has been labeled as haram in Islam. Now people have started discussing other methods instead of cleaning hands. However, epidemiologists point out that people who do not want to use alcoholic hand sanitizers can also use soap, detergent, neem-containing soap.